journal entry: a Grenada word picture

sixteen january, two-thousand-eighteen tuesday, late "Sometimes I think that I feel too much. But how can I not, after all I've experienced, all the people I've met? Sometimes the memories, the tiny snippets in my head, the thoughts come crashing - hard - into me, like the waves against the cliffs of Fort Jeudy. That's what … Continue reading journal entry: a Grenada word picture

. . . 459 Days Later.

459 days ago, I stepped off a plane. I was home. But was it really home? It didn't feel like it. 459 days. That's how long it's been since I was in Grenada. 459 days ago, at this moment, I had just gotten home from being picked up from the airport and going out to … Continue reading . . . 459 Days Later.

The adventure within the adventure: Barbados 2014.

Barbados. First impressions: Flat. Cooler + better breeze than Grenada. Very flat. I learned a lot that week (April 23rd-29th): both informational knowledge and life lessons. We arrived Wednesday night and the following morning jumped right into the daily schedule. Each morning everyone went to the camp to eat breakfast; then we loaded up into … Continue reading The adventure within the adventure: Barbados 2014.


Stop.   Stop what you're doing, and think.   What did God show you today? How did He reveal Himself? Stop worrying about your circumstances. Stop trying to figure everything out. Stop stressing. Stop crying in despair. Stop focusing on your brokenness. Stop focusing on yourself. Stop pacing. Stop over-thinking and over-analyzing. Stop avoiding decision … Continue reading Moments.